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Autor:  Jants [ Esmaspäev Okt 16, 2017 9:52 am ]
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Head lennuhuvilised!
Meil on teada anda kurb uudis Türgist.
Eile, 15.10.17 keskpäeval hukkus vabalennul juhtunud õnnetuses meie suurte kogemustega kaaspiloot Rein Niggulis.
Rein sooritas enne õnnetust vee kohal akromanöövreid, millest väljus pealtnäha korralikult. Seejärel lendas mõnda aega sirgjooneliselt ranna suunas, kus tal tekkis ootamatult täisvaring ning ta kukkus autoteele.
Varuvarju ta ei visanud.
Kiirabi saabus väga kiiresti, 35 min. elustamispüüdeid ei andnud kahjuks tulemusi.
Sügav kaastunne Reinu lähedastele.

Autor:  ottmaaten20 [ Neljapäev Veebr 15, 2018 4:04 pm ]
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Lugesin just praegu Dudeki kodulehelt, et meie tuttav leedu piloot Aivaras Akramas on 13. jaanuaril 2018 kaduma läinud. Lendas Vilniusest Nida'sse kuid kohale ei jõudnud. Varustus leiti Vene poole peal (Kaliningrad) merest, aga Aivaras ise on siiani kadunud.
Aivaras oli meie hea tuttav- osales ka mitmel ühisel võistlusel 2010-2011. vt arhiivi...

Leedu ajalehes Diena oli järgnev artikkel (tõlgitud Google translate-ga):

The details of the flight of flight from Vilnius to Aivar Akram to Nida are still a mystery. It is not clear who broke off the pilot's best flight to the seaside called the Lithuanian paratroopers.
Nida did not reach
An uneasy message to the wing brothers who called themselves parasparnist community was shocked late on Thursday evening.
Two pilots, having risen from Vilnius this day, tried to overcome a long distance by paragliders. One of them at Ariogala cleared off the route and announced the interruption of the flight. A.Akram continued his trip to Nida.
Before the seaside, the man promised to leave within five hours, but the connection with him broke down.
At 18:00, another paratrooper attending his friend in Nida contacted the General Helpdesk.
"The last contact was at 17 o'clock, he wrote a message that he would go to Nida, then there was a live broadcast feisbuke, where he announced that he was at a height of 2 kilometers and 5 kilometers left to Nida. Then, when his friend went to Nida, there was a lost connection , the phone is switched off, the circuit does not interconnect, "said Vilma Juozevičiūtė, a BPC spokeswoman.
A.Kakram's Neringa forests, lagoon and seashore, the border section and dunes are searched from Thursday night.
The searches in the territory around Nida were carried out by the Air Force helicopter, the State Border Guard Helicopter, the Navy "Kuršis" and the border guards.
He found a parasail in Russia
On Friday, fellow Lithuanian border guards from the Kaliningrad region informed that the Russian side was also searching for a missing paratrooper.
Soon Kaliningrad Oblast officers found a paraglider at sea.
"Rado Russian officials flew on their own side at sea. They did not find man," said Giedrius Mišutis, a representative of the State Border Guard Service.
According to him, the flight attendant was found a few kilometers from the coast, about one and a half kilometers from the Lithuanian border.
Waiting for the east wind
Several paragliding cars have driven from Nida to Paris. Colleagues were divided into groups and also combed lagoon and coastline.
"Aivars was one of the best, if not the best, Lithuanian paratrooper, who has repeatedly won the title of Lithuanian champion and has won a lot of international competitions. He is not only a coach but also a judge of the race, he has had experience, so it is not known what could have happened," he said. A member of the MadPilots Paramilitary team, Kęstutis, who was involved in the search for a friend.
Klaipėda, a passionate paratrooper Stasys Rezgevičius made several versions of why the disaster struck.
"It's likely that the wing is frozen, because the paraspanar is a rag. When the wing is frozen, it loses its" centering. "At present, flying is like walking on a blade blade," S.Rezgevičius remarked.
A.Akram has been eager to open this year's flight season. A week ago, having done this, he was pleased with his friends flying over Vilnius.
"They apparently waited for the east wind, and now he turned around, and it helped them on the journey." Pilate climbed over the clouds, while in the live broadcast on the social network, he was still showing the latest images, although the pilot himself was thickly dressed but ascended through the cloud the wing could attract moisture, and cold in the ice ", - the reason for the disaster was discussed by S.Rezgevičius.
It is not ruled out that a propeller engine could have been damaged.

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