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 Teema pealkiri: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Kolmapäev Mär 14, 2018 3:15 am 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 31, 2007 2:47 pm
Postitusi: 496
Asukoht: Ristna / Otepää / Tallinn

Kopeerin siia inglisekeelse info Enduro toimumise kohta 5.-10. Juuni 2018

Kuna enduro formaat on muutumas järjest ravusvahelisemaks, tulebki kogu info ingliskeelsena kuid loomulikult püüan kõik vajaliku ka ära tõlkida mis segaseks jääb. Nii et küsige julgesti.
Kui näiteks kellelgi tekib hirmus ajapuudus, on võimalik tiitlid ära võita isegi vaid kolme päevaga.

Kindlasti oleks põhjust tõsiselt mõelda meeskondlikule arvestusele ning kaitsta kõiki seniseid tiitleid.

Lisaks soomlastele ja rootslastele on seekord külalisi oodata ka poolast, inglismaalt, brasiiliast aga nagu praktika näitab, pole välistatud ka muud kaugemad maad.

Põhiliseks suhtlusvahendiks püüame jätta ikka FB lehe

Dear pilots.

I am glad to confirm that the next Paramotor Endurance competitions will happen in Hiiumaa, Estonia, June 6-th to 10-th 2018

FAI 2-nd World Paramotor Endurance Cup 2018 
(WPEC 2018) 
 Nordic 4-th Open Paramotor Endurance Race 2018 
(NOPER 2018)

The event will be held as Pre-Worlds testevent for FAI 1-st World Paramotor Endurance Championships 2019 in the same location, Hiiumaa, according to the decision of CIMA Endurance Championship Working Group after CIMA Plenary meeting 2017.

Such solution will offer every pilot an excellent oportunity to train, learn and test the endurance format, rules and location. Even the competition map will be mostly the same as for 2019.
For beginners and newcomers this is an unique oportunity to test their skills and to enter the competition arena within the most exciting elements of everyday flying routine.

All this will assist in better preparation for the next big global event in the same spot, FAI World Endurance Championships in 2019.

Some improvements for 2018:
More take-off and landing options
Less speed element
More dedicated airfields
Trike class PL1 added
More freedom in pilots' own decisionmaking

You are all welcome.

More specific information will follow soon with Local Regulations and Task Catalogue, which will be almost identical to the previous event in 2016.
All the most important stuff will be soon available at our homepage as well:

Pre-registration is opened from today and the first 10 pilots registered will get an extra discount of 60.- EUR/each from the Registration Fee.
Just let me know your name, country, class and contacts and you will get more specific instructions.

Any questions will be expected as well.

Competition Director
Paap Kolar
+372 5051015
Skype: p4kop4ko

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Viimati muutis Pako, Esmaspäev Apr 02, 2018 5:03 am, muudetud 1 kord kokku.

 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Reede Mär 16, 2018 1:52 am 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 31, 2007 2:47 pm
Postitusi: 496
Asukoht: Ristna / Otepää / Tallinn

Paramotor Endurance is a new format with emphasis on navigation and endurance in such a new correlation, which would allow a lot of flying and fun without too much restrictions and stressful economy elements but rather with main focus on real practical values, to promote development of pilots’ flying skills, navigation skills, take-off/landing skills, ground skills and flight planning/weather planning skills on a new level.

In Estonia we have started with development of Paramotor Endurance format already in 2010 and after testing different approaches in competition practice over the years, completely new and fascinating format has born to stay.

Feedback from pilots have been surprising, as all pilots who ever took part in our events so far, have been completely addicted to this adventure, regardless of their personal skills or final competition results.
Many pilots consider such format as the best possibility of training and developing in this fantastic sport.

Conceptually, in it's core, Paramotor Endurance is developed as an exciting flying adventure with high adrenaline level but with integrated competition element.

Naturally this format will continue to evolve and develop from existing framework and every pilot can commit to it with his/her personal input, to improve it further.

Here are some of the most important features of a Paramotor Endurance format in 2018

Huge competition area of Hiiumaa island (total 2000 km2), surrounded by the Baltic sea and wonderful beach areas, with minimal restrictions and no fly zones.

A lot of flying over the spectacular and variable terrain.

Strong focus on personal weather planning, airborne decisions and the most practical paramotoring skills.

Free choice in personal balancing of task flying and rest. Max 7 hours flying per day within 15 hours of daily time window.

Besides basic turnpoint hunt, different "snake" navigation elements and variety of interesting bonus tasks will be included for the best selection of options for the pilot.

Bonuses for economy and precision elements.

Dedicated bonus airfields for better logistics and overall management.

No disqualification for outlandings but instead bonuses for controlled landings and takeoffs in dedicated fields and turnpoints.

Free choice of equipment without any technical restrictions, even in the middle of the race.

Unlimited pitstops by pilot’s choice.

Unlimited use of electronics, GPS’s, tablets, communication devices and other technology.

Minimum of penalties.

All assistance and chase teams allowed and encouraged.

Possibility for extra bonuses for surprise tasks and public performance elements.

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 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Reede Mär 16, 2018 1:53 am 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 31, 2007 2:47 pm
Postitusi: 496
Asukoht: Ristna / Otepää / Tallinn


In paramotor endurance format, there is one basic and big turnpoint hunt multitask over the whole competition area and dedicated time period, with different integrated elements available by the preference of the pilot to select.

The main focus is naturally on different navigational skills but also greatly on individual weather planning, according to the skills of the pilot and characteristics of the equipment selected, which all together will have major impact on the final result of each pilot.

Other elements with value towards the result:
Navigation precision
Navigation timing
Height precision
Landing and takeoff skills in variable conditions and in unknown locations.
Economy elements integrated into the navigation (endurance without refueling, pre-set low speed elements etc.)
Precision elements integrated into the public event (may include Touch & Go, Paraball, bowling, precision landing etc.).



Task elements fall into four main categories:

A - Navigation, decisions in flight, estimated time and speed.
B - Fuel economy, speed range, duration.
C - Precision, landings and takeoffs.
D - Ground skills, weather planning, flight planning, flight preparations, technical skills.

The proportion of task elements is not fixed and may be influenced by pilot’s preference.

Estonian Paragliding and Paramotoring Association (EPPA)

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 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Reede Mär 16, 2018 1:56 am 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 31, 2007 2:47 pm
Postitusi: 496
Asukoht: Ristna / Otepää / Tallinn
Kahe päevaga on registreerunud juba ligi 10 pilooti kuuest riigist. Loodame, et ei pea hakkama arvuliselt osalust piirama.

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 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Esmaspäev Apr 02, 2018 4:36 am 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 31, 2007 2:47 pm
Postitusi: 496
Asukoht: Ristna / Otepää / Tallinn

Registration, training, aircraft inspection: 4. - 5. June
Opening Ceremony: 5. June, 15.00
First competition briefing: 5. June, 17.00
Extra competition briefing for late arrivals: 6. June, 17.00
Contest flying days planned: 6. - 9. June, 6.00 - 21.00
Closing party: 9. June, 22.00
Closing ceremony, prize-giving: 10. June, 11.00


Event Director: Palle Kolar
Competition Director: Paap Kolar
Vice Competition Director: Ott Maaten
Chief Marshal: Timo Tammsalu
Chief Scorer: Henri Valdmann
Assistant Scorer: Olari Ilves
Jury: TBA
Monitor: TBA


Every participating country may enter in each competition:
PF1: 6 pilots, plus any number of female pilots.
PL1: 6 pilots, plus any number of female pilots.

Entry of WPEC 2018 is open to all Active Member and Associate Member countries of FAI but limited to pilots with FAI or National Sporting Licence only.

Entry of NOPER 2018 is limited to Nordic-Baltic 8 countries (according to Nordic Council format NB8) Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and open to all pilots from those countries regardless of FAI licencing.

There is a difference in duration of two simultaneous competitions.
Duration of WPEC 2018 will be 4 (four) full competition days without any official rest day.
NOPER 2018 has the same duration period of 4 days but with one mandatory day for the rest by pilot's own choice, so overall competition duration will be 3 days by pilot's preference. Such solution is created by proposal from pilots and will allow full participation also for pilots who's time of presence is limited with 3 competition days only.

Basic entry fees for pilots:

WPEC 2018 350.- EUR
NOPER 2018 300.-EUR
Participation in both competitions: 400.-EUR
Each Team Leader, who is not competing himself but who is participating in Briefings for his Team: 100.- EUR
No fees for assistants, mechanics, drivers, friends, family members etc., except extra fee of 30.-EUR/person for the entrance to the Closing Party (Saturday night).

Entry fees don't need to be nominal before May 20-th. From this date all entries must be nominal and refund not requested.
Pilot entry fees paid before April 30-th 2018 will have 50.- EUR discount.
Pilot entry fees paid later than May 20-th 2018 will have 50.- EUR surcharge.
If applications, with fees paid, are not received by May 25-th 2018, the entry will be accepted only unless oversubscribed.

Entry Fees include:
Competition management (setting, organising, controlling and evaluating the tasks), briefings, prize-giving etc.
All competition materials (maps, Local Regulations, task descriptions, competition numbers etc.)
Rental of GPS Flight Trackers.
Internet WiFi connection in the area of Competition Center.
Training arrangements 3.-5. June 2018
Free use of designated airfields and airspace according to the ECAA Supplement, NOTAM and Estonian airspace rules.
Preferential prices for accommodation and food.
FAI WLC sanction fee.
ECAA event fee.
Environmental fee.
Free entrance to closing party (Saturday night).

Entry fees must be transferred to the bank account of the EPPA member, organising club SURF before corresponding deadline:

Spordiklubi Surf MTU
Bank: Swedbank
Address: Tornimäe 2 Tallinn, Estonia
IBAN: EE672200221010596095

Please mark in the explanation field competition title and fee, class and the name involved. (For example: WPEC comp fee, PF1, John Smith)

Pre-delcared entries must be made same time with Entry Fee's payment by e-mail:
Final Official Entry Forms will be filled, signed and presented on registration.

Official accommodation will be available in wide and affordable range, from tenting and camping to variety of bungalows, guesthouses and hotels, most of them at the Competition Center or in 3 km distance from the Competition Center.
Competition Center and the main briefingroom is located in Ristna Paradise Villa.

Promotional prices for food will be available at the Beach Bar, Pablo's FoodTruck (near the Competition Center) and Kalana Restaurant (Port Kalana 3 km). Additionally there are numerous affordable options around the island.

Sample prices for accommodation.
Camping with tent or car: 5.- EUR / person / night
Promotional price for accommodation in the beach bungalow: 20.- EUR / person / night.
Free parking, hot showers and toilets included.

To get the advantage of best pricing conditions for all accommodation bookings, please contact Paradise Beach accommodation manager Mirell Jakobson by e-mail: or by phone: +372 58531779

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 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Esmaspäev Apr 02, 2018 5:01 am 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 31, 2007 2:47 pm
Postitusi: 496
Asukoht: Ristna / Otepää / Tallinn
Peagi avalikustame kogu reeglistiku. Kui kellelgi inglise keelga raskusi on, küsige ja püüan aidata.

Kõigile ETL liikmetele kes veel ei ole registreerunud kuid siiski soovivad osaleda, soovitan endast teada anda, et saaksin teile anda täpsemad juhised kõigi võimalike soodustuste kohta mida õnnestub seekord rakendada lisaks neile mis juba välja hüütud. Majutus on ka seekord võimalik päris telkimise tasandil kui kedagi huvitab.

Esimese 10 registreeruja hulgas on olnud juba piloote seitsmest riigist ja nad kõik püüavad ka oma maa tiimi kokku panna. Samas on paar olulist riiki veel puudu kes juba varem on teatanud oma tulekust, nagu Poola ja Inglismaa. Poolakaid huvitas just eelkõige traigi klass ja see sai ka loodud.

Peaks tulema korralik rahvusvaheline võistlus kus Soomlased püüavad kindlasti oma tiitlit kaitsta kuid meil on väga kindlad eelised kui vähegi asjaliku tiimi kokku saame.

Püüdsime arvestada kõigi soovidega, mistõttu eristasime kaks võistlust ka kestvuselt. Litsentsindus on ka väga liberaalne.
Oluline on ehk teada et WPEC 2018 on 4 võistluspäeva pikkune ja NOPER 2018 vaid 3 päevane, kus iga piloot saab ise otsustada, millise päeva endale kohustuslikuks puhkepäevaks jätab. Kuigi paljud tulevad kohale juba eelmisel nädalavahetusel, annab selline lahendus võimaluse ka neile kellel suurem ajahäda. Seega on Nordic Enduro 2018 võimalik võita isegi saabudes Kolmapäeva õhtupoolikul ja võisteldes vaid N,R,L. Samuti muidugi on võimalik tiimi tulemust toetada kasvõi ühepäevase panusega kõigist neljast võistluspäevast. Lõpuks, kui lõpupeole ei saa jääda, võib häda korral isegi Laup hilisõhtul praamile minna.

Ja kuna see kõik on ettevalmistus järgmise aasta MM-ks, siis pole ka imestada et paljud tahavad tulevase võistluskoha ja formaadiga tutvust teha.

Varsti on aeg trenni hakata tegema ja mõni kuuldavasti juba treenib soojal maal.

Elu on seiklus!


 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Reede Apr 06, 2018 11:25 am 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 28, 2009 6:44 pm
Postitusi: 19
Ma olen kindlasti stardis :)

 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Esmaspäev Apr 09, 2018 2:16 pm 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 28, 2009 6:44 pm
Postitusi: 19
Rääkisin Timo Smolanderiga ja ta väitis et soomest on vähemalt 6-7 pilooti tulemas :)

 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Esmaspäev Apr 09, 2018 2:55 pm 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 31, 2007 2:47 pm
Postitusi: 496
Asukoht: Ristna / Otepää / Tallinn
Soomest on tulemas ainuüksi traike 6-7, lisaks veel jalgadelt terve hulk. Neil tuleb tugev tiim kokku ja ilmselt osalevad mõlemal võistlusel. Rootslased püüavad ka tiimi kokku saada vähemalt PF1.

Elu on seiklus!


 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Laupäev Apr 21, 2018 12:12 am 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 31, 2007 2:47 pm
Postitusi: 496
Asukoht: Ristna / Otepää / Tallinn
Lisan siia nüüd kogu puuduva osa reeglistikust.

Each pilot in PL classes must hold valid third party insurance of at least 750 000 SDR. For the PF classes a third party insurance and personal accident insurance are highly recommended. All applicable insurances must be presented at registration.

The official language of the Championships is English. Organisers will do the best to provide translations into other languages if needed.


Trophies will be awarded to:
Pilots placed first, second and third in each valid class and in each vaid competition.
National teams placed first, second and third, in each valid class and in each vaid competition.


WPEC 2018 may be held in the following classes (S10 1.5):
PF1, PF1l, PL1
NOPER 2018 may be held in the following classes (S10 1.5):
Each class is a championship in its own right.

For WPEC 2018 to be valid, there must be no less than 10 crews in class PF1, 3 crews for class PFL1 and 5 crews for the class PL1, ready to fly and must score a minimum of one competition flight with minimum of 10 points.
For NOPER 2018 to be valid, there must be no less than 8 crews for class PF1 and 3 crews for class PFL1, ready to fly and must score a minimum of one competition flight with minimum of 10 points.
To be viable, all classes need to contain pilots no less than from 2 countries.

The title of Winner in any class shall be awarded only if at least 2 competition days has been held, with scored result a minimum of 10 points per pilot in each day, with participation of minimum of 50 % pilots in the class.

On arrival the Team Leaders and members/pilots shall report to the Registration Office to have their documents checked and to receive supplementary regulations and information. The following documents are required:
Valid FAI Sporting Licence/National Sporting Licence (for WPEC 2018 only)
Evidence of competitor's nationality or residence.
Certificate of Insurance (if applicable).
Receipt for payment of entry fees.
Official Entry Forms (will be filled and signed on registration).
Liability waiver (signed on registration).

Without all required documents, registrations won't be accepted and the entry fee won't be returned.
The Registration Office will be open as indicated on the information board.

After Registration pilots must be ready to present their equipment for technical inspection.
Training flights are allowed only after Registration and training briefing according to the competition schedule. Official training days will be from June 4-th to 5-th.

Each nation should designate a Team Leader, who may be a competitor.
The Team Leader is the liaison between the organisers and his team. He is responsible for the proper conduct of his team members, for ensuring that they do not fly if ill or suffering from any disability which might endanger the safety of others and that they have read and understand the rules.
Briefings will be held for Team Leaders and/or competitors on each flying day. The time and place for briefings will be prominently displayed but usual time is 10PM every evening. All briefings will be held in English and may be recorded in notes, by tape recorder or video.

A competing pilot shall be of sufficient standard to meet the demands of an international competition with minimum of 30 hours of flying experience.
Pilots competing in WPEC 2018 must hold an FAI Sporting Licence or National Sporting Licence, issued by their own NAC. Exceptions are allowed by permission of Competition Director.
For pilots competing in NOPER 2018, FAI Sporting Licence is recommended.

Aircraft and equipment provided by the competitor must be of a performance and standard suitable for the event.
The aircraft must comply with the FAI definition of a Paramotor at all times (S10 1.3 & 1.4).
Any replacements of wings, motors and components and any modifications of equipment within FAI class definition are allowed.
All wings, motors and associated parts to be used must be registered BEFORE their use and made available for inspection during the registration period.
Organisers have the right to inspect any part of equipment for class conformity and if necessary, ground any aircraft for safety reasons at any time during the event.

All aircrafts will be expected to have a still air range of at least 100 km with one full fuel tank (S10 4.17.7) but even 50 km range will be sufficient for top result.
Additional fuel tanks are not needed, but allowed on responsibility of the pilot.

Aircraft shall carry the number centrally on the underside of the paraglider, top towards the leading edge or as a sticker on the protective netting of the motor cage, as briefed.

Each aircraft shall be flown within the limitations of its design, Certificate of Airworthiness or Permit to Fly. Any manoeuvre hazardous to other competitors or the public shall be avoided.
Unauthorised aerobatics are prohibited. (S10 4.23.2)
Cloud, smog and rain flying is forbidden.
Each aircraft shall be given a pre-flight check by its pilot and may not be flown unless it is serviceable. (S10 4.23.3)
Without personal permission of Competition Director, visiting pilots (not registered as competitors) may not use the airspace and any Dedicated Airfields reserved for competition.

Any personal injury, serious damage or grounding the aircraft, shall be reported to the organisers without delay and the aircraft or it’s parts may then be repaired or replaced with any other of the same class, registered with Competition Director.

Wings, machines, equipment and it's components can be replaced by decision of the pilot in command at any times with no restrictions but only after declaring such equipment with Competition Director or Chief Marshal.
Note: Unauthorized replacement of the wing or motor (unregistered) may incur penalty.

A protective helmet must be worn whenever the pilot is strapped into the harness of an aircraft.
Emergency parachute system and floatation device are recommended.
As basic rule, there is no prohibited equipment inside paramotor's class definition and safety standards. Instead pilots will be encouraged to use all modern solutions and technology to achieve the best results.
Although all wings and machines should be registered BEFORE their use to avoid penalties for unrecognized and unregistered equipment (which will be considered prohibited equipment).

Each competitor is required to conform to the laws and the rules of the air of Estonia. (S10 4.23.1). Airspace of Hiiumaa is reserved exclusively for paramotor competitions according to EANS AIP Supplement and Effective NOTAM.

The official notice board may have the form of a website ( or as briefed), which may be duplicated by notice board in the briefing room in Competition Center. Competitors will be provided with connection to the organisers’ internet/intranet but teams are expected to bring their own computers provided with a WiFi network interface or data internet service.
All times are given, taken and calculated in local time (based on GMT).

The complaint and protest procedures are as described in Section 10, 4.35 and 4.36.
The protest fee is 50 euros.

All pilots are obliged to carry an Official Flight Recorder (GPS Tracker) which will be provided by competition organisers. FR should be kept switched on for logging throughout all competition as briefed, even when not in flight.
GPS Trackers can be switched off only for charging purposes (at night).
For a backup, another FR may be used as secondary evidence.
AMOD loggers are the preferred secondary FR-s and will be available in limited amount for the rent by the organisers.

Each FR must be tested before flying the competition tasks and labelled with competitor's name and number.
Once the championships has started the pilot must always use the same GPS Tracker as the main official Flight Recorder (FR). In the event of a permanent failure, another FR may be used for scoring with the permission of the Competition Director.
To avoid penalties, it is the pilot’s responsibility to ensure that he is fully aware of the functions and capabilities of his FR-s, that FR is switched on when needed, switched off when not needed, has sufficient battery power and that the antenna is positioned correctly.
In case any other FR (other than AMOD) will be used as a backup device, it will be pilot's reponsibility to provide necessary cables and software to get all data downloaded for scoring.

There will be no limitations to use any kind of electronic equipment and communication devices during the whole event.
It is not allowed for a pilot to replace, to receive or to hand over GPS trackers and FR loggers, registered as official track recording devices to be used for scoring, except handing over to the Chief Marshal, Chief Scorer or Competition Director, if not briefed otherwise.
All official track recording devices must be registered and tested BEFORE their use for scoring.
Results will be taken from one (primary) device in one competition day with only exceptions for technical reasons and with approval of Chief Marshal, Chief Scorer or Competition Director.

Any help and assistance to the pilots is allowed, except in competition flying.
It is allowed to use supporting vehicles and chase-teams, to move/drive by land by any means and for any reasons (tactical, technical etc.) but only results gained in flights will count towards the final score. By the nature of competition support vehicles are not necessary though.
Replacing the pilot or swapping FR trackers between pilots is forbidden and will be penalized by disqualification.
Handing over GPS trackers to anybody else but Competition Director, Chief Marshal or Chief Scorer is not allowed.

To count as a valid championship, all competitors in the class concerned will be given equal opportunity to carry out the tasks involved in these championships.

Overall competition period is planned for 4 days (from June 6-th to 9-th).
For NOPER 2018 there will be one mandatory day for the rest for each pilot by the decision of pilot himself.
Times for opening and closing of task windows for each competition day will be maximum from 6.00 to 21.00 (max. 15 hours). In this time period maximum competion flying time for scoring purposes will be normally 7 hours a day. Precise times will be briefed and displayed in writing.

As weather in the whole competition area may vary significantly, it will be pilots’ sole responsibility to make appropriate decisions whether and where to take off or not, where and when to fly and land and how to take care of their safety.
Task cancellation system will be used only in extreme cases by decision of Competition Director.
Competition Director may suspend flying after take-offs have started. All competitors will be then informed by text messages and scores of the day will be calculated up to the time of message sent. If the period of suspension is sufficiently long to give an unfair advantage to any competitor, the day task may be cancelled. Competition Director may decide to cancel the task at any time for sporting or safety reasons.
SMS text message with the word “CANCEL” will be broadcast to all competitors in the event of task cancellation. Competition and all scorings will stop at the same time such message will be sent out by Competition Director.
However some previous tasks or parts of the tasks may still be scored in the event of a cancellation, depending on the weather forecast and information given on briefing, based on the performance at the official time of cancellation.

Landings inside dedicated Turnpoints’ or in the Dedicated Airfields' diameter of 400 m are encouraged and will be rewarded with bonus points (7.2).
In case pilot is not intending to takeoff immediately after landing, all gear and wing must be removed from the Turnpoint diameter as soon as possible, not to restrict other pilots' operations.

Landings outside of dedicated Turnpoints’ or Dedicated Airfields' diameter of 400m for any reason (while competing) are defined as Outlandings and will bring penalties accordingly (7.4).

If pilot outlands and is unable to takeoff for any reason, to continue competing, he must fold up his wing in 3 minutes upon landing. A canopy that has not been folded within three minutes indicates the pilot is in need of help. Any pilot who observes such a situation is obliged to render assistance and contact the organisation as soon as possible.
A competitor landing to help an injured pilot shall not, at the discretion of the Director, be disadvantaged by this action.
He must then inform the organisers by phone, with the minimum of delay.
All phone numbers associated with assistance, search and rescue, will be briefed and displayd.
There is obviously no need for such procedure in case the wing is laid out for a takeoff.

Any help from qualified assistants is positively encouraged, except in flying and dealing with FR loggers (GPS Trackers).

An Official Competition Map with Turnpoints, bonus tasks and Dedicated Airfields (recommended refuelling fields) will be phycisally available to all competitors after the Opening Briefing.
Any changes to the Competition Map and additional bonus tasks can be made by Competition Director only if briefed and displayed in previous evening.
Turnpoints and snake figures (tracks) with Hidden Gates will be marked evenly across all the competition area, to reduce an overall need for support vehicles.
There are no limitations to use any other source of maps' information instead of the Official Competition Map.

NOTE! The Official Competition Map (physical version) will be available to all competitors in high resolution immediately after an Opening Briefing in the evening of June 5-th.
Digital version (low resolution maplink) of the Official Competition Map will be delivered to all registered pilots as soon as possible for introduction purposes.

It is not allowed to replace the pilot in command and such activities will result in immediate and full disqualification from the whole event.

FR Trackers must be kept with competing pilot at all times, except while handed over for inspection to the Chief Marshal, Scorer or Competition Director for scoring purposes after the competition day or while the pilot is resting.
All official track recording devices and possible replacements should be registered BEFORE their use for official scoring, including secondary and back-up devices.
Results will be calculated from one device in one competition day only, with only exception for technical reasons and with approval of Chief Scorer.

There will be limited number of Time-Out Breaks allowed without penalty. Exact numbers will be briefed for each day, according to the overall flight time.

Some navigation elements/figures will offer extra bonuses for precision of timing, speed or height, pre-set by Competition Director at the briefing or by the pilot in Pre-Declaration.
More bonus points will be available for precision tasks, planned for Friday evening near Cometition Center, which may include various precision landings, skittles, paraball task etc. Such precision session is mainly addressed for public attraction but contains considerable scoring value. Precision tasks and corresponding scoring points will be briefed.

Dedicated Airfields.
There will be several Dedicated Airfields, spread evenly over the competition area (island of Hiiumaa) and available for competing pilots to support overall safety and to assist in refuelling, logistics and maintenance.

Dedicated Airfields are reserved for competitions exclusively and for competing pilots their use is unlimited.
To calm down excess traffic, usual navigation bonuses for Turnpoint hunt (flying through) will not apply.
Instead Dedicated Airfields' (Pitstop) extra bonuses will apply, according to 7.2

As there may be quite extensive traffic, basic rules for land operations in Dedicated Airfields apply as follows: No jamming, no unreasonable space-reserving or space-holding, no restricting others. Unsporty behavior may be penalized (7.4).

Pilots’ obligation is to declare all of his/her competition flights and results with passed Turnpoints, additional task elements, bonus elements, Landings and Takeoffs, to the Competition Office after each day of the competition as soon as possible but no later than 10 PM (start of the evening briefing).
Deadline for declarations is 1 hour after last landing of the day (usually 10 PM) but no later than 1 hour after the task window will be closed officially (usually 9 PM).
In urgent situations declarations can be delivered electronically, according to the instructions given in Briefing.
With the same Declaration, pilot’s obligation is also to declare all Time-Out Breaks (resting times) not to be included into task times and scoring.
Declaration sheets are available at Competition Office 24/7 together with competition maps after the Opening Briefing.
All pilot's Declarations will be compared to corresponding FR logger tracks to confirme both sources (tracks and declarations) for scoring.

All Turnpoints and task elements declared but not confirmed by logger track, will loose their scoring value for the declaring pilot for the rest of the competition.

All Turnpoints and task elements not declared but confirmed by logger track will score their full value.

All Turnpoints and task elements declared and/or confirmed by logger track but flown after flight-time limit of the day (chronologically calculated by scoring program), will loose their scoring value for the declaring pilot for the rest of the competition.

In case of repeatedly misleading and incorrect declarations, penalties may apply by discretion of Competition Director, up to 20 % of the day’s score.
All times of tasks and task parts of each day will be scored chronologically in accordance with pilot's Declaration, logger track and scoring software. For example flying more than 7 hours a day will be scored up to 7 hours of competition flying this day with all events and task elements included chronologically.
Any tasks/Turnpoints collected after 7 hour time limit will not count towards result and will lose their value for scoring for the rest of the competition.

Takeoffs and Landings are basically allowed wherever it’s affordable by skill and legally possible, but are highly recommended in bonus Turnpoints and Dedicated Airfields because of extra bonuses provided.
Take off and landing numbers, places, methods, techniques and purposes are not limited or regulated in any way (pitstops, refueling and servicing, flight planning, mapworks, resting, eating, socialising etc.)
However, competitors, who’s activities will initiate complaints from landowners, authorities etc., may be subject for penalties up to 50 % of the day’s score with an exception of emergency landings.

Normally Turnpoints will offer landing and takeoff bonus points once for each Turnpoint.
To score bonuses, those landings and takeoffs should happen inside the Turnpoint diameter of 400 m.
Successful landing will be defined by landing and staying still inside the diameter of Turnpoint for a minimum of 1 minute.
Landing outside of the Turnpoint diameter of 400 m will not offer landing bonus but may incur penalty, according to p.7.4.
For public attraction some Turnpoints (and/or Dedicated Airfields) may include special landing bonus option (carpet, ball, skittles etc.) as briefed.
NOTE: Not all Turnpoints are suitable for successful takeoffs and landings. It is pilot's responsibility to be alert and to consider his/her options. Turnpoints' suitability for takeoffs and landings will be marked on the map with color codes and explained in briefing. Final decision depends on weather conditions, characteristics of landscape, pilot’s needs and mainly of pilot's skills.

Successful takeoff will be defined by leaving the ground inside the 400 m diameter of the Turnpoint.
Number of takeoffs from one Turnpoint is not limited but time spent for such repeated takeoff attempts will be added to the overall task time of the day (time is running). Running out of the Turnpoint diameter of 400m may count as an Outlanding with corresponding penalties according to p.7.4.

Values for scoring.
Successful landing will normally add 2 points to the overall scoring value.
Successful takeoff will normally add 2 points to the overall scoring value.

Landing and takeoff bonuses can be given only once for each Turnpoint.
However, there will be more scoring value in landings and takeoffs in Dedicated Airfields, which offer extra landing and takeoff bonuses, 3 points for each landing and 3 points for each takeoff, once in every competition day.

Scoring value of landings and takeoffs is based on FR Tracker data and may be updated by the decision of Competition Director before the competition will start. Such changes will be explained and briefed in detail in the Opening Briefing.


Extra points will be available for bonus tasks with Hidden Gates (for example: snake navigation, rings, ovals, eclipses etc.). All those elements may be passed more than once with timing and direction selected by the pilot, but scored only once.

The corridor for the course extends the width of the Hidden Gates, 200m perpendicularly to either side of the given track line.

Pilot's task is to fly a prescribed course between Turnpoints, along the track line according to the official Competition Map, without deviating from the width of 400m corridor. Hidden Gates will be placed at unknown points along the line.

The amount of Hidden Gates on the course line will not be announced in advance but has been set to stimulate flying those navigation patterns as there are most valuable points (about half of overall scoring value) hidden in these tracks.
Each Hidden Gate passed correctly in flight will score 2 points.

There may be more bonus points available on parts of tracks (legs) between Turnpoints, which must be flown at constant height or speed, usually selected and declared by the pilot in advance.
For some parts of the tasks, speed in km/h or height limitations may also be determined by Competition Director in the Opening Briefing.
Along these legs there will be an undetermined number of hidden time gates positioned for evaluation of pilot's airspeed.
When pilot flies the part of the track at constant speed within margin +/-2% he will get 4 bonus points additionally for each hidden gate. If the speed is in-between +/-5% of pre-determined speed he will get 3 bonus points for each hidden gate, if more than +/-5% then bonus points will not be awarded.

All times are given, taken and calculated in local time (based on GMT) or simple elapsed time, rounded down to the most accurate permitted precision. (S10 5.2.6 and 5.2.7)

All possible changes to the time schedule will be made and announced by Competition Director at the Opening Briefing or consequent catch-up briefings before the each competition day, depending on weather conditions, local data and other relevant information.

As the basic rule, the first crossing of any Turnpoint will start the clock and the last crossing of any Turnpoint will stop the clock for given scoring segment.

Depending on the situation, clock can be started or stopped also by leaving ground in Turnpoint diameter or by touching the ground inside Turnpoint diameter of 400 m.

Final personal competition task time for each day will be defined by the FR logger track, confirmed by the pilot’s declaration.

Time-Out Break.
Similar principle of timing applies for any Time-Out Break as well, regardless of the reason.

Scoring will stop from the last Turnpoint activity before Time-Out Break and start again with any next Turnpoint activity after Time-Out Break

Pilot should not cross any Turnpoints during Time-Out Breaks, to not confuse Declaration and scoring program.

Pilot can take Time-Out Breaks from competition tasks any time during competition, even while in flight, if declared properly.

Maximum number of Time-Out Breaks allowed in one day is normally 3 but is dependant on duration of task window and overall flight time of the day. Allowed number of Time-Out Breaks will be always confirmed by Competition Director in previous briefing.

All following Time-Out Breaks will be calculated chronologically into overall flight time of the day.
All activities scored after the official chronological flight time has ended, will loose their scoring value for the pilot for the rest of competition.

Scoring Software used for this competition is calculating automatically the most effective and useful Time-Out Break periods for each pilot.
Declaring those breaks is essential though for the pilot himself, to calculate overall flight time of the day correctly and to not exceed an overall chronological limit of the day, not to loose scoring value for the exceeded elements.

There is no limitations on fueling methods, reasons, amounts used, refueling times, numbers and places as long as the procedure is carried out safely and environmental-friendly.
Refueling is recommended in Designated Airfields with corresponding bonuses.
Fuel will be delivered by Organiser to any Designated Airfield in personally marked canisters according to pilots' request every morning as briefed.

Turnpoints and Hidden Gates are geographical points.
The scoring zone for a Turnpoint (and hidden gate) is a cylinder with a radius of 200m and diameter of 400m of infinite height.
Proof of reaching a Turnpoint is given by GNSS flight recorder (GPS Tracker) evidence.
To score, a track fix point must either be within the cylinder, or the line connecting two sequential track fixes must pass through the circle. Time for scoring the Turnpoint passing is measured from the closest point to the center of a Turnpoint.
Time for scoring the landing on the turn point is measured from first touch to the ground after entering the Turnpoint diameter of 400 m.
Time for scoring of successful Takeoff from the Turnpoint is measured by leaving the ground before exiting the Turnpoint diameter of 400 m.

Complaints about the physical mis-positioning of a scoring zone relative to a Turnpoint will not be accepted unless it can be shown that the physical position of the location is outside a circle of radius R= Rp/2 where Rp= Radius or size of the scoring zone defined by the organizers ( ie the physical location must lie inside an inner circle half the width of a gate or radius of a scoring zone).

The overall results will be computed from the sum of the scores of each competition day, for each competitor, the winner having the highest total score in the class. (S10 4.34.10)


All tasks will be scored chronologically, according to Pilot's Declaration and FR tracker data.

Turnpoint hunt.
Approximately 20 % of all points will be available for Turnpoint hunt.
Each Turnpoint passed correctly will give points according to the Competition Map or as briefed, usually 2 points.
Each Turnpoint passed second time, but only after passing two more Turnpoints in-between will give additional 1 point. Passing Turnpoints more than twice is allowed but will not give any more points.

Bonus landings and Takeoffs.
Approximately 30 % of all points will be available for Landings or Takeoffs.
Successful landings inside the Turnpoint diameter of 400m will add 2 points to the overall scoring value, once for each Turnpoint.
Successful Takeoffs inside the Turnpoint diameter of 400m will add 2 points to the overall scoring value, once for each Turnpoint.
Landing or Takeoff inside the Turnpoint diameter of 400m is equal to passing Turnpoint and will give additional points accordingly (first passing 2 points, second passing 1 point).

Dedicated Airfields' bonuses will apply as follows:
3 points for one landing and 3 points for one takeoff, for each competition day per every Dedicated Airfield.

Snake navigation and hidden gate bonuses.
Approximately 40 % of all points will be available for bonus tasks (for example: Hidden Gates within snake navigation, rings, ovals, eclipses, timed navigation, height limitation etc.) as briefed.

Some navigation elements/figures will offer extra bonuses for timing, speed or height precision, pre-set by Competition Director at the briefing or by pilot himself/herself (by Pre-Declaration) if briefed so.
All elements of navigation (TP crossings, landings and take-offs), accomplished within pre-declared time and within 10 sec. of margin error, will double their original scoring value.

Hidden Gates are positioned realtively closely and hitting the gate will give 2 points for each gate.

Approximately 10 % of points will be available for pure precision tasks.
Precision tasks may include various precision landings, paraball task, skittles etc.
Precision tasks and points for precision tasks will be briefed.

Extra bonus will be available for landing (finishing the day) in time limit in Competition Center Turnpoint once for each day.

Besides certain precision tasks, only tasks proved by evidence of a FR Tracker will be valid for scoring.

Table of basic scoring values.

Competition Director, Scorers and Marshals are not allowed to give competitors any information about other competitors' results or possible positions, timings and possible penalties before the end of each competition day, closing the task window and display of an official results.

The winner of the class shall be the pilot gaining the highest total points in the class
A pilot who did not fly scores zero for that day and will be marked DNF or "Did Not Fly" on the score sheet of the day.
A pilot who is disqualified scores zero and will be marked DSQ or "Disqualified“ accordingly.

Within each valid class, the Team Prize is computed from the sum of the scores of the top three pilots of each country in each competition day.
The task score for which a pilot was disqualified shall not count for team scoring.


Actions which will normally result in disqualification:
Bringing the event, its organisers, the FAI or these regulation into disrespute.
Any competition flying under the influence of banned substances.
Replacing the pilot.
Any unauthorized combination of the pilot and FR Tracker.
Interference with the firmware or software of an official GPS Tracker (FR) or secondary FR.

Actions which may result in a 100% penalty of the overall day score:
Flying or landing into a No-Fly zone
Handing over FR Tracker to unauthorized person (for charging batteries etc.)
Flying outside the specified flight envelope of the aircraft or dangerous flying.
Flight or attempted flight with prohibited equipment (or unregistered FR)

Actions which may result in up to 50% penalty of the overall day score:
Flying outside of allowed time window
Unauthorized change of the wing or machine (not registered, not recognizable etc.)

Actions which may result in up to 20% penalty of the overall day score:
Failing to follow marshal's indications
Briefing interruption
Not following the FR device procedures
Flying outside of official time window
Competing without competition number on the wing or cage
Repeatedly presenting misleading and incorrect declarations
Unnecessary restriction of airfield operations for other pilots
Unauthorised involvment into other pilots' equipment or fuel resources

Actions which will result in points' penalties:
Each Outlanding (4.5.), regardless of the reason, including any touching of the ground or running out of Turnpoint radius (200m) - 10p.
Each Time-Out Break over the established official limit, regardless of the reason (normally 3 declared breaks allowed in one day) - 15p.
Landing in black Turnpoints (No Landing Zone - NLZ) - 20p.

Estonian Paragliding and Paramotoring Association (EPPA)

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 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Laupäev Apr 21, 2018 10:27 pm 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 31, 2007 2:47 pm
Postitusi: 496
Asukoht: Ristna / Otepää / Tallinn
Siit saab hea ülevaate, kuidas hakkab nägema välja võistluste "online" ülekanne internetis.
Tegu on antud juhul küll hoopis vabalennu võistlustega mis hetkel toimumas Floridas aga näidisena väga sobiv.
Kasutame seekord spetsiaalseid lennuvõistlusteks mõeldud Flymaster Trackereid mis tuuakse kohale Sloveeniast.
Ekraanipildis saavad olema ilmselt tiibvarju sümbolid millede juures võistleja number ja nimi ning kõrgus. Menüüdest ja playerist saab endale sobiva pildi ette timmida.

See on uus tase meie spordialal, kuigi vabalennus juba kasutusel aastaid. Järgmise sammuna püüame kogu võistluse kohta ka tulemused otseülekandes jooksma saada.
Seda tsirkust saab siis jälgida üle maailma ja võime olla kindlad et huvilistest puudu ei tule. ... eries/blog

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 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Laupäev Apr 21, 2018 11:36 pm 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 31, 2007 2:47 pm
Postitusi: 496
Asukoht: Ristna / Otepää / Tallinn
Veidi täpsem link koos paljude settingute ja hea visuaaliga.
Soovitan kiiruseks panna x10 ja kerida playerist kuni on liikumist näha, siis zoomida suurus sobivaks ja nüüd on soovi korral näha ka pisemad detailid. Fantastiline võimalus.

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 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Pühapäev Apr 22, 2018 7:45 pm 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 31, 2007 2:47 pm
Postitusi: 496
Asukoht: Ristna / Otepää / Tallinn
Segaduse vältimiseks (või suurendamiseks) tegid fännid enduro võistlusteks veel uue FB lehe, kuhu koondame kogu detailse info vähemalt seni kuni saame ka lehele matrjali üles.
Soovitan tutvuda ja sekkuda.

To all seriously addicted paramotor pilots of this planet.

You are all invited to participate in historic Paramotor Endurance event and to follow our special new FB page with all essential information accessible from one source.

Besides the basic information for every pilot you can find of course all regulations but there is more available already:

Samples of Official Competition Map features with snake navigation elements and valuable Hidden Gates.
Samples of online GPS tracking with possibilities of live event watching and analyzing.
Declaration sheets' samples.
Feedback forms from previous event for evaluation of our work.
Videos and pictures introducing a unique island as an innovative competition location.

Many more useful hints will follow soon, so it's worth to be alert and to be prepared.

Better of all of course, do not miss it and be there yourself, regardless of your previous competition experience, to compete for the best adrenalin rush ever. But for the most part, to be ready for the FAI World Paramotor Endurance Champinships 2019 on the same spot and to whitness, what is actually the future of our sport.

You are all welcome!

All questions will be answered almost online.


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 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Kolmapäev Apr 25, 2018 10:17 pm 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 31, 2007 2:47 pm
Postitusi: 496
Asukoht: Ristna / Otepää / Tallinn

Läheneb esimene soodustähtaeg. S.t. et kõik enne 30. Aprilli registreerujad saavad lisaks muudele ETL soodustustele veel ka reeglitekohase 50.- EUR soodustuse kõigist osavõtumaksudest.
Peale seda esimest tähtaega jätkub registreerimine normaaltingimustel kuni 20. Maini ja nagu reeglites kirjas, kasvab osalemistasu sealt edasi 50.- EUR võrra.
Seda kõike selleks, et oleks võimalik paremini ette valmistada, trackereid tellida jms. Viimase hetke saabujatega ei pruugi üldse õnnestuda sest pole mõtet kulukaid seadmeid igaks juhuks kaugelt kohale tellida.

Selgitan hea meelega ETL liikmetele lisanduvaid soodusvõimalusi selguse huvides täpsemalt lausa personaalselt tel teel kui vähegi vaja kuid määrustekohased tingimused lisanduvad igal juhul. Seega registreerimise jätmine viimasele minutile oleks täiesti mõttetu lisakulu.

Kuigi registreerunud Eesti pilootidest saab juba praegu korraliku tiimi kokku, võib meeskondlikus arvestuses teatavasti osutuda oluliseks iga üksiktulemus ja isegi vaid ühe osaluspäevaga on võimalik anda otsustav punktipanus lõppresultaati. Kuna soomlasi saab olema päris arvukalt, pole välistatud et nad suudavad kamba peale meile seekord ka meeskondlikult koha kätte näidata kui me arvuliselt vähemusse jääme. Trike klassi tulemusi jagavad ilmselt soomlased ja poolakad niigi omavahel kuna Eestist pole minu teada ühtki trikemeest registreerumas. Naiste klass võib tekkida Soome ja Belgia naistest.

Seega soovitan kõigil kõhklejatel kaaluda osavõttu väga tõsiselt, eriti kui on vähegi plaanis ka järgmisel aastal osaleda siinsamas toimuvatel Maailma Meistrivõistlustel. See on CIMA-s teatavasti sama hästi kui otsustatud ja taas kord on tegu ajaloolise võimalusega kus selline rahvusvaheline võistlus meile oma hoovi kohale tuleb.

PS: Mõned sakslased ja itaallased sõidavad kohale ligi 3000 km kauguselt ja silm ka ei pilgu. Samuti sõitsin ise ka kogu Euroopa mööda võistluseid läbi ja ei kahetse.

Nüüdseks on ka selgunud suur huvi võistlusele eelnevate treeningute vastu ja 2. - 5. Juunil on kujunemas väike treeninglaager samas kohas, mis on eriti oluline muidugi kaugemalt tulijatele, kelle jaoks meie lennutingimused tunduvad nagu muinasjutust.
Loodame et nad osoonimürgitust ei saa.


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 Teema pealkiri: Re: Enduro 2018
PostitusPostitatud: Reede Mai 18, 2018 3:51 pm 

Liitunud: Reede Aug 31, 2007 2:47 pm
Postitusi: 496
Asukoht: Ristna / Otepää / Tallinn
Ilmus esimene artikkel saabuvast võistlusest. ... ad-taevas/

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