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LIFT - Apco's first all round purpose built Sports Class reflex wing for wide segment of pilots.

Conceived from Force, as a direct result of pilot demand and a worthy addition to our classic paramotor wing range. It is not a tuned down version of Force, but all in all a new wing, purpose built and designed to specific needs of wide range of pilots, targeting anyone who would like to fly easy rock solid reflex wing with excellent performance and speed.

LIFT does not sacrifice much on speed range and performance when compared to Force, but offers unmatched foolproof launch, dream-like handling and safety combined with ease of flying and reassuring comfort that will amaze you each time you take off.

LIFT is the perfect choice for every pilot who wants to enjoy flying long distances with no stress or is just playing around.

LIFT is available in 3 sizes - S, M and L - covering weight range from 75kg -185kg. The design brief of LIFT aims to combine the best aspects of reflex wing with performance, handling and launch APCO is known for - perfectly blended into a well built, robust chute made to last.


  • SRS® - APCO's exclusive Stall Recovery System for built-in passive safety
  • SRS® aided - extremely low speed on take-off and landing
  • SRS® Built-in for perfect launch
  • HIT valve® equipped on leading edge, APCO unique feature for improved stability
  • Flexon® battens system for ultimate durability - pioneered by APCO
  • Replaceable trim webbing and camet buckle long-lasting trouble-free service
  • Tip steering for high speed operation
  • Great drag reduction - almost 100m. less lines - advanced 3 row bottom line construction
  • Minimal drag, embedded hook-in point for unprecedented drag reduction, APCO exclusive.
  • Advance diagonal rib structure
  • All metal parts Stainless Steel or Aluminium
  • Split A risers with built-in safe and wide speed range
  • APCO legendary standard double coated siliconised cloth - built to last
  • Butt Holes
  • Heavy-duty Superaramide® lines
  • Swivels on brake handles
  • Integral, built-in, Neodymium brake magnets
  • Extremely easy inflation, launch and landing
  • Universal riser + accelerator and trimmers to fit any paramotor frame
  • New color design - fresh and attractive



Technical Data:

Model Small Medium Large
Certificate Pending Pending Pending
Cells 40 42 44
Area m2 26.2 28 29.8
Area m2 (proj) 23.2 24.8 26.4
Span m 11.3 11.9 12.6
Span m (proj) 9.4 10 10.5
A/R (flat/proj) 4.86/3.83 5.08/4 5.3/4.2
Sink rate m/s trim=1.2 trim=1.2 trim=1.2
Speed km/h 21-62 21-62 21-62
Root Chord [cm] 279 279 279
Canopy Weight [kg] 5.9 6.5 7.1
Take off Weight [kg] 75-140 100-165 125-185

Lines: Technora
Cloth: Blend of Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon


Color design

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