Golden rules for a paramotor pilot

A solid pre-flight checklist to go through before each flight!

Never place your wing facing towards the engine relative to the wind!

Never fly towards dangers -  unaccounted engine stalls above powerlines, bodies of water, forests and buildings may leave you in a dangerous spot! 

Never rely on your engine! Always be ready for the engine to suddenly stall, forcing you to land!

Avoid flying downwind at low altitudes!

Always check the fuel system and make sure it is functioning properly!

Do you have enough fuel for your desired trip? Better to carry abit extra than make an emergency landing!

Before starting your engine, make sure there are no debris around which may get sucked into the propeller!

If you find a problem, fix it IMMIDEATLY!

Always wear a protective helmet! 

And for last, remember - people might not like the noise of the paramotor. Always reconsider flying around inhabited locations!

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