Who can fly paramotors ?

Absolutely anyone over the age of 15 (the minimum required to achieve the microlight licence) - there is no upper age limit.
A reasonable physical fitness is enough, and the only requirement is to have a full range of body movement, and to be able to run a few metres with 20kg weight on your back.

Are there any uses for paramotors ?

Yes, and new ones devised all the time. The first people to realize the potential of paramotors professionally were photographers. They found it a very simple method of taking aerial photos for a very small cost (the total cost of a paramotor rig is equivalent to a few hours of helicopter rental).
It allows one to arrive by car at shooting locations, take off on the spot, and get the required shots.
Paramotors are also used as a filming platform, and a number of armies and special forces have contacted Adventure to investigate the possibilities of paramotoring for surveillance, reconnaissance, or the possibility of high-altitude observation with quick, discreet deployment.

Are there competitions for paramotors ?

Yes, there is a championship in France, a European championship, and World class in each category, currently held at the same time as traditional microlight championships.
In the French championships, there are 6 qualifying rounds, plus the actual championships. The European and World Championships are held on alternate years, over one week, with a dozen different tasks. The principle tasks are navigation, fuel management, and handling.


Photos: Aarno Isomäki


Who coordinates PPG competitions?

Small competitions are very often organizes by local pilots and fans International competitions are organized or sanctioned by (www.fai.org). Nationally it differs from country to another. Mostly it is organized by local National Airsports Committee. In Estonia flying competitions are sanctioned and coordinated by Eesti Lennuspordi Föderatsioon (www.lennusport.org)

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