How much does the paramotor weight?

Paramotors range from 18kg up to a maximum of 35kg for the larger, more powerful units.
The lightest units on the market allows you to run easily without too much encumberance and is easy to take off your back. You must add around 4 kilos for every 5 litres of fuel to your overall weight.


Which type of paragliding canopy can be used with a paramotor ?

Any paraglider designed and constructed for footlaunching can be used, although there are sometimes important modifications which can be made when paramotoring.
The canopies sold by Propeller are especially adapted for paramotor use, and are also perfectly suitable for free flying.


Which type of fuel does it use ?

Any petrol is suitable, preferably unleaded 95 or 98 octane, used in a mixture with synthetic 2-stroke oil at 2-4% mixture. It is very important to use synthetic oil and keep the right oil percentage recommended by the engine manufacturer to avoid problems. There is almost no other maintenance required for these extremely robust motors.


How much maintenance is required for the canopy and backpack ?

Paraglider requires very little or next to no maintenance. You need to check the condition of the suspension lines from time to time, and be careful about the exposure to ultra-violet light (except when flying), and make sure that the wing is stored safely and in good condition. It is advisable to have an annual inspection carried out by a professional workshop.
As for the motor, it is very sturdy, and maintenance is purely confined to the basics, such as changing the spark plug every 30-50 hours of flying time, and cleaning the carburetor. However, it is also advisable to make a thorough pre-flight check of all mechanical parts every time you fly.

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