A list of second hand equipment:


Harness with a superlight rescue parachute

Harness APCO Chairbag II (blue)

Rescue APCO Mayday SLT 16 (integral)

Ideally lightweight, inflatable harness with a rescue parachute. The harness can be reversed and then becomes a backpack that can hold all the other equipment (wing, helmet and clothing). A compact solution in every way.

Price: 600.- EUR



Tandem paramotor:

Paramotor Simonini Mini3 with 3-blade Helix carbon propeller

1-2 seat trike Propeller with the passanger harness

Suitable for heavy pilots who like starting on the wheels and also for tandem flying.

The paramotor in flight you can see here: https://youtu.be/E8l-WFGAvj8 and here: https://youtu.be/IRd6mRCQL-w

Price: 2500.- EUR



Harness with a tandem rescue parachute

Harness APCO Edge

Integrated rescute parachute Apco Mayday Bi (tandem)

The harness has all optional equipment (sideprotector, back protector etc)

Suitable for solo and tandem flying

Price: 500.- EUR


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