A device made by Polish firm Flyelectronics.

It communicates wirelessly with various sensors, giving a reading about everything concering the engine. Included in the kit are all of the sensors along with the attachments, also included is a thorough installation manual.

Motomonitor provides the following information:

  • engine RPM
  • casket temperature
  • exhaust gas temperature
  • time of flight
  • fuel level
  • ambient temperature

It also has an inbuilt GPS, which allows you to see:

  • ground speed
  • distance from starting position
  • estimated time for return flight
  • height
  • distance travelled
  • heading
  • wind heading
  • wind speed
  • log

The transmitter is a small device, measuring 36x70x15mm

The screen and the reciever measures 60x85x20mm

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