The OZONE Team is comprised of pilots, including World and National Champions; they are all passionate free fliers that love the simplicity and beauty of free and paramotor flight.

For the past decade paraglider design and development has been driven by the competition pilot’s need for more performance above everything else. This has led to paraglider manufacturers ploughing huge amounts of their resources into developing designs for a tiny percentage of the world’s pilots. OZONE concentrates the vast majority of its research and development resources on certified paragliders for everyone to enjoy.

We think that it is important to support the professionalism within the sport of paragliding, so OZONE gliders are only sold through a professional network of distributors, schools and dealers. We try to only work with people that are reputable and professional, providing you, the pilot, with a dedicated service. They should offer an educated, honest and unbiased opinion. We rely on their professionalism to make sure that you get the wing that suits your ability. They should also provide an after sales service should you need it.

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ozone spark 

Spark 2

Beginner & School

ozone mojopwr

Mojo PWR


ozone kona


(Shark Nose)


ozone roadster2

Roadster 3



ozone spyder

Spyder 3

lightweight Roadster3


ozone speedster2

Speedster 2


ozone freeride 



ozone viper4

Viper 4

ozone magmax


PPG tandem

ozone triox



ozone mojopwr

Scirocco 2

lightweight Speedster2


Propeller OÜ

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