Sky 1.1S Light

Lightweight, simple paramotor.

Pilot weight 75 - 110kg.

Light version is ca 2 kg lighter than the model "Sky 1.1S Classic".

Deliverd with APCO SLT (or APCO Universal) harness.. IThe harness can be easliy separated from the cage. APCO SLT harness has also the optional integrated container for rescue parachute.

Launching and groundhandling is simpler with this version of paramotor because there is less inertia of propguard. At the same time it requires more attention on launch preparation and paraglider groundhandling.

* 2-stroke, 110 cm3
* Centrifugal clutch - propeller not turning on idle
* Max. RPM: 11400 RPM.
* One-cylinder, water cooling engine
* Power 24hj
* EGT max temp 550° C
* CHT max temp 170° C
* Coolant max temp 95° C

Paramotor weight without gas ca 24 kg



About 1.1S

Sky Engines 1.1S  is very popular, reliable, watercooling engine Made in Italy. Thrust about 70-74 kgs depending the type of propeller.



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