Sky1.1S Classic

Simple but strong paramotor. Double propcage is more secure but adds the weight

Pilot weight 75 - 110kg.

Can be deliverd with APCO SLT or APCO Universal harness.

This type of cage is more secure while launching and groundhandling the paraglider.


* 2-stroke, 110 cm3
* Centrifugal clutch - propeller not turning on idle
* Max. RPM: 11400 RPM.
* One-cylinder, water cooling engine
* Power 24hj
* EGT max temp 550° C
* CHT max temp 170° C
* Coolant max temp 95° C

Paramotor weight without gas ca 26 kg




About 1.1S

Sky Engines 1.1S  is very popular, reliable, watercooling engine Made in Italy. Thrust about 70-74 kgs depending the type of propeller.


Additional info

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