Is it dangerous ?

PPG is certainly the most predictable air sport; because it uses a flexible wing like a parachute, if the engine fails, it is this parachute which allows a gentle descent, giving a gentle stand-up landing.
If the wing is not perfectly set up, take-off becomes very difficult, reducing the risks of taking off in poor conditions. The canopies used are designed for flight in very strong aerological conditions (mountain flying for example), but typical paramotoring takes place in calm, laminar air, therefore, it offers even more safety than free flight.
It is the easiest air sport to learn.

Does other flight experience speed up training ?

Paragliding experience in particular, helps, but all airsports will help considerably with spatial abilities and can help accelerate your training.
Nevertheless, paraglider handling requires a good deal of skill, and the first phase of canopy handling and inflation remains a mandatory requirement for everyone.

How long will a paramotor last ?

It is difficult with such a recently evolved sport to give an accurate life. We still have our original demonstration models, which are the oldest available, with several hundred hours of flying in good conditions, which show no signs of fatigue or wear.
The motors themselves originate with agricultural use, and are capable of working for thousands of hours. As far as other parts of the unit and sub-assemblies are concerned, there are no particular precautions to take, as long as the unit is properly maintained, and it is stored in good condition.

Is it possible to fly tandem ?

Yes, but the paramotor requires a specific combination of movements to control the canopy, the motor and your footwork at the same time...


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